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I mean, a girl goes into a dressing room alone, and never comes out – instead, she gets ripped apart, seemingly by nothing. But it had to be something. And the killer is actually a freaky little ghost girl, but I cant tell anybody that, so instead I had to sit there and let Amelia look crazy. This is so shitty, I said to Karrie. Tell me about it, Karrie said. Whoever that creepy little ghost bitch was, she did a terrible job. The cuts were all sloppy and inconsistent. Like, if youre gonna commit a gruesome supernatural murder, at least put some style into it. A little flair. I ignored her. The cop sighed, closed his little booklet, and just nodded at Amelia before walking away. God, the fucking disrespect. The poor girl looked like she was on the verge of tears, so I moved closer to comfort her. “Hey. I know this is a really stupid question, but like…you good? ” Amelia actually laughed at that. “Yeah. Yeah, I guess given the circumstances…Im good. ” “Well, thats good to hear. Brendan definitely isnt. ” Hed gone home hours ago. Amelia and I had only stayed behind so we could keep giving statements to the police. Useless statements. But only I knew that. And I hadnt wanted to leave Amelia alone to face it herself. “Do you want me to drive you home? ” I asked her. She shook her head. “No. But thank you. Ill be fine, I just…I think I really just need a nap right now, ” she said, managing a small smile. If you ask me, she needs therapy, Karrie said. Humans are too fragile for shit like that. Shut up, Karrie. She grumbled, but she did. I hugged Amelia again, and said goodbye. “Youre handling this really well, ” she noted. I shrugged. “Everyone reacts differently, I guess. ” She nodded. Yeah, I guess. Are you sure youre okay, though? Youve been asking me, but I havent asked you. ” “Ill be fine, ” I promised. “Go home, get some rest. Ill handle things from here if they need anything else. ” Amelia nodded, gathered her things, and left. I sighed, and sat back in my chair as Karrie materialized next to me. Now that we were alone, we could talk. “You should keep an eye on that one, ” she said. “Doesnt seem like shes doing great. ” “What do you expect from her, Karrie? She just saw a girl get ripped apart. That shit can scar you for life. ” “She didnt actually see it happen, just the aftermath. ” I glared at her. “Dont get semantic with me. This is serious. A girl died. ” “Horribly, too, ” Karrie said, inspecting her (my) nails. “Ripped apart from the inside by a ghost…gotta be one of the worst ways to go. Except, I guess, swallowing hornets. That was a favorite in Hell. ” “Wait, what? ” “Are you unaware of the kinds of things that happen in Hell? ” Karrie asked. “Torture, punishment, eternal pain, etc.? ” “No, not that, ” I said. “The ghost girl. You saw her, too? ” “Well, duh, ” she said. “If you saw her, I saw her. Its been eleven years and youre really still not up to par with how this whole possession thing works, are you? ” “Would you stop for just a second and focus? ” I said. “That girl was killed by a ghost. And I had a vision of it happening, almost half a day before it did. Do you not realize theres something weird going on here? ” “Whats weird is that you didnt connect the dots earlier, ” Karrie said. “Your vision was of a girl dying in a clothing store. You work in a clothing store. Follow the bouncing ball, Emma. ” “How was I supposed to know? You didnt put it together, either. ” “Okay, yeah, whatever, maybe were both at fault, ” she conceded. “But regardless, you had the vision. Youve never had visions before, and the first time you ever had one, a girl died. What if it happens again? ” That hadnt occurred to me. Magical abilities manifesting late in life was rare, but it wasnt unheard of. Jenna Mitre down on East Luther Street had gone thirty years with only the standard spell repertoire, but was suddenly a pyrokinetic by age thirty-one (that birthday party was a disaster like no other; Im not sure if the steakhouse ever reopened. Was it really possible that I was just a really, really late bloomer, and had somehow developed psychic powers? Even without the witch gene? “You think that ghost girl might kill again? ” I asked. Karrie shrugged. “Why wouldnt she? Ghosts always have massive chips on their shoulders. Kids especially, because theyre angry they didnt get to live life, so why should anyone else? ” She went back to inspecting her nails. “Its always about them, isnt it? ” In a twisted way, that made sense. “So what do we do about it? ” She put up her hands. “Hey, dont ask me. Im honestly just spitballing here. But, if she does kill again, maybe youll have a vision about it. And maybe you can stop it this time. ” Oddly, that was a comforting thought. “Emma and Karrie, supernatural detectives, ” I said. “Whod have thought our horror movie would turn into a buddy cop flick? ” “As long as I get to be the bad cop. ” Karrie looked up. “Oh, speaking of…” I followed her gaze to the door to the break room, where the officer whod questioned us earlier was standing. He had a weird look on his face, like hed been standing there a while…fuck. I had a sinking feeling hed heard a lot more than was good for me. “Miss, are you sure youre okay? ” he asked. “We do still have paramedics on the scene, if you need someone to talk to—” “Ha! He heard you talking to yourself, ” Karrie said, laughing. “Now you look crazy. ” Fuck off, I thought at her. Still laughing, she disappeared, retreating back into my head. Out loud, to the cop, I said, “No, sir, but thank you. Ill be fine. I was just…talking to myself. ” I stood up and got my bag, trying to get out as fast as I could. “Working through it, you know how it is. We all have our ways of coping. Am I free to go? ” “Yes, but—” he started, pulling out a card to hand to me. Probably his info. “If I have any questions, or anything else I remember, ” I pulled the card out of his hand. “Big Law and Order fan, I know the drill, dont worry. ” As I left the store, I crumpled up the card and threw it in the trash. Cops cant help with ghosts. “Thats so crazy! ” Lillian said. “I mean, I heard something fucked up went down in the mall today, but I had no idea it was you! ” “Yeah, fucked up is an understatement, ” I said, throwing myself down onto my bed, phone in hand. The moment I had gotten home, first thing Id done was call Lillian to tell her about what had happened. My dad was at work, so I wouldnt have to talk to him until later (dreading that) and my mom had probably already heard but didnt care. Shes just really loving and gentle that way. “How bad was it? ” Lillian asked from the other end of the line. “Like, I heard it was bad, but like…was it bad? ” “What the fuck does that mean? ” Karrie asked from where shed materialized at my desk chair. She was playing with a pair of rubber bands. “Of course it was bad. The girl got ripped apart from the inside by a child poltergeist. Emma, tell her that. Tell her. ” Obviously, I didnt. “Yeah, it was pretty bad, ” I said, glaring at Karrie, who flicked a rubber band at me in return. “Ill spare you the gory details. ” “Shit, really? It was that bad? ” “ That bad. ” “ That bad, ” Karrie said mockingly. “Fuck, you two are annoying. ” I flicked the rubber band back at her – and, of course, it passed right through her. She flipped me the bird in response. “Well, are you okay? ” Lillian asked. “Because I mean, you saw it, right? ” “Yeah, Im fine, ” I said. “And I didnt really see it, just had it described to me. The way it sounded, I think if I had seen it, Id probably be in a mental asylum right now or something. ” Like I said before: lying is a gift, and sometimes, a necessity. I wanted to keep Lillian as far away from this as I could. “Liar, liar, ” Karrie still taunted. Fed up, I put up the mental wall again, and she disappeared. “Well, thats good, ” Lillian said. “Because I was gonna invite you to a party tonight. And if youre crazy fucked up over seeing a dead body then you probably cant go. ” I laughed. “A party? I didnt know there was one happening. ” “Its super last-minute. Ryan Wilsons parents are away on a couples counseling retreat because I think theyre gonna get divorced or something, so to take his mind off it hes throwing a party tonight. Maybe it can do the same for you! You and Ryan can, like, drink to forget your traumas. ” Come on, lets go, Karrie said, popping back up in my head. I love teen debauchery. Its a breeding ground of sin. I hesitated. I was still kind of shaken by everything that had happened, because, like Lillian said, seeing a dead body can kill your party vibes pretty quickly. And what if I had another vision while I was at the party, and had to rush to save somebody from that creepy little ghost girl? Or what if she actually tried to kill somebody at the party? Or what about that freaky fucking thing that had attacked me the night before – what if that turned up out of fucking nowhere and attacked me again? There were so many “what ifs” to be considered. But then I realized that was exactly why I needed to go. The more I thought about it, the harder I stressed, and honestly, stress just isnt good for your skin. There was also no use in stressing about it at all, because all I had were “what ifs”. There was nothing to do unless anything happened. So… “I love drinking to forget, ” I said. “What time does it start? ” Lillian came by the house to get me at 9:15. The party officially started at 9:00, but obviously, you wanna be fashionably late to these things. I was all dressed up and ready to go, waiting in the living room while my dad tried to talk me out of it. “Honey, you had a traumatic day at work today, should you really—? ” “Im fine, dad, honest, ” I said. “Seriously, dont worry about me. ” My phone lit up with a text from Lillian. “Oh, shes here. Gotta go, dad, love you, bye! Bye, mom! ” “Bye honey, ” she said, waving vaguely at me from the couch. “Have fun. Dont get blackout. ” “Ill try! ” I went outside to where Lillian was waiting for me. Ryan Wilsons house was in the neighborhood, just on the other side of it, so the plan was to walk there. I had my comfy shoes on, but in my bag I had my heels. When we actually got to the party, Id put them on. Walking fifteen minutes in party heels fucking hurts. “Bitch, you look amazing, ” Lillian said as we started walking. “Says the bitch who looks better. ” Shes not a client at H&M. You dont have to lie to her, Karrie said. Ignoring her, I asked, “So do you know whos coming tonight? ” “Shit, I didnt really ask, ” Lillian said. “Uh, I guess probably all of Ryans friends will be there, so we can probably expect, like, Charlotte, Josie, Tyler…” “Ugh, fuck Tyler, ” I groaned. “Sleazebag. ” Let him try shit tonight, I dare him, Karrie said. For once, we agreed. “…and probably Zach and Des too, ” she finished. Then, her tone turned coy. “Why do we ask? Do we think Lees gonna be there? ” “Fuck off! ” I said. “I never should have told you I liked him. ” “Im rooting for you here, Emma, ” she said. “I can already picture it: rose-gold décor at your wedding…” “Im literally not speaking to you for the rest of the night. ” Good. Shes annoying. You know that was a joke, right Karrie. I fucking hate you. It took us a little longer than expected to actually get to the party, but once we got there, it was already going hard. Ryan Wilsons house is fucking huge, so probably the whole grade and then some were there. “Im gonna go around the back to the pool to see if KCs here yet, ” Lillian said. “Get me a drink? ” “Sure, ” I said, taking my heels out of my bag as I slipped my comfy shoes off. “But will you take these for me? ” “Sneakers to heels on the front lawn of the party, ” Lillian said approvingly. “Classic move. ” Laughing, I dropped the comfy shoes into the bag, and Lillian walked off with it. Jamming my feet into my heels, I took a few seconds to adjust myself, then walked in. As soon as I did, Karrie materialized next to me. “Im excited, Emma. How many fights do you think I can start tonight? ” That was Karries favorite party-going activity: using her limited physical manifestation abilities to grab drinks and throw them at people to see if she could start fights. I wouldnt say I encourage it, but I definitely dont stop it, either. Maybe shes rubbed off on me just a little bit. “Well, the whole football teams here tonight, ” I said, pointing them out as one of them did a kegstand in the dining room. “So probably four or five if you space them right. ” “Fuck yeah, ” she said, darting off to do her thing. Dont go too far! I thought at her. “You know I cant! ” she called back. Drinks. Okay. Lillian had asked me to go get her drinks. Drinks were usually in the kitchen. But I hadnt actually been in Ryan Wilsons house before, so I had no idea where the kitchen was. I stood there, looking around for a few moments, probably looking like a helpless little girl lost in a club. Fortunately, someone very hot came to my rescue. Okay, yeah, Ill admit it. Ive got a crush on Lee Derry. But who the fuck doesnt? Hes hot, hes smart, hes funny, hes the captain of the track team. Hes everyones dream guy and he knows it. And that couldve gone to his head, but it hasnt. Literally find me a better man. You wont because you cant. So yeah, Ill confess that I was very pleased when Lee appeared from the crowd and asked, “You looking for something to drink? ” “Yeah, ” I said. “Know where I could get my hands on some? ” He put his arm out and smiled. “Right this way. ” I followed Lee through the party as we made our way to the kitchen. Yeah, okay, maybe I was gushing a little bit as we went, but he was holding my fucking hand! Lillian and KC had thought maybe he liked me back. This was just icing on the fucking cake. But because my life is a shitshow, things, of course, quickly took a turn for the worse. We walked into the kitchen, where there was a huge array of drinks: beer, wine, vodka, soda, cider, and just about everything else. “Woah, ” I laughed, “where did Ryan get all this stuff? ” “His cousin works at the liquor store, hooked him up, ” Lee said. “Now, youve got this whole buffet of drinks. Any of them stand out to you? ” “Hmm…” I made a big show of pretending to choose, even though I already knew what I wanted, because boys like to be teased. “I think Im a red wine kind of girl at heart. ” “You know, I thought you might be, ” Lee said as he walked over to the wine bottle. “Looks like Ive got you pegged. ” “Oh do you, now? ” I watched as Lee picked up a solo cup and started pouring wine into it. “Oh, I definitely do, ” he said. “Say when. ” I never got to. Because the moment he started pouring, the bottle slipped out of his hand and shattered on the floor. “Oh, shit, Lee, are you okay? ” I asked, but he couldnt answer. Because the reason hed dropped the bottle was because he was literally fucking melting right before my eyes. Have you ever watched someone melt? No? Then be thankful. Its not like The Wizard of Oz, where the witch just turned into a puddle of goo. Blood, muscle, flesh, and bone, all turning to a hideous, viscous liquid as I watched. I screamed, terrified, and stepped backwards into something wet and squelchy. Turning around, I saw that I had run into someone, but they were melting, too. All around me, the partygoers were melting into pools of blood and viscera. Still screaming, because in moments like those all you can do is scream, I backed up towards the fridge, sinking to the floor and watching as pretty much everyone Id ever gone to school with met their sudden and gruesome demises right in front of me. What had once been Lee reached towards me, making some sort of awful moaning sound that might have been a cry for help, but as he tried to move forward, he dissolved completely, splattering to the floor. The impact made it splash up all over me. I only screamed louder. Then, suddenly, it all stopped. People were still melting, but they had stopped mid-melt, as if time were frozen. I took a few moments to compose myself, even though I was still freaking the fuck out, and as I stood, someone appeared from within the crowd of half-dissolved people. It was a man, someone I didnt recognize, wearing a full business suit, with the jacket, pants, and tie being a pure, almost blinding white, but his shirt being a dark, deep black. I found that I couldnt stare at his shirt too long, or I started to get woozy. Something seemed wrong about him. “Hello, Emma, ” he said. Something was definitely off here, if this random stranger knew my name. “Did you do this? ” I asked shakily. “Yes, ” he replied simply. I blinked. Honestly, I hadnt expected such a straightforward answer. I mean, given everything thats been happening to me lately, this shit seemed par for the course. But, I dont know, I guess Id expected him to be more cryptic about it? “Okay, ” I said. “So, heres another one: what the fuck? Why? Who the fuck are you? ” “I am here to deliver you a warning, Emma, ” the man said. He spread his arms wide. “And this is your warning. ” Okay, well scratch the whole thing about him not being cryptic. The dude wasnt making any fucking sense. I told him so. “What do you mean this is a warning? ” I asked. “A warning for what? ” “A warning for you, Emma, ” he said. “A glimpse into what will happen if you continue to carry that filth inside you. ” Something in my head clicked. “You mean Karrie? ” The man glowered at me. “Do not speak its name! It is filth, lower than the ground upon which you tread. And it has been residing within you, escaping its proper fate of an eternity in Hell, by taking advantage of your foolish mortal nature. ” His face softened. “You do not know better. I do not fault you. But you must be rid of the filth, Emma, or death will consume all those around you. ” “First of all, shes not filth, ” I said, starting to get irritated with this guy. “Shes my friend. Shes not taking advantage of me, we both agreed to this. And second of all, what the fuck are you talking about? Could you be any more cryptic? Just say what you fucking mean, dude! ” He scowled. “You would do well to watch your temper around me. ” “Well, maybe I would know better if I knew who the fuck you were! ” The man spread his hands wide, and suddenly, two huge black-feathered wings erupted from his back, blasting apart the piles of half-melted people goo that stood in their path. “I am Azrael, ” he said, voice suddenly booming. “Angel of God, The One Who Helps, Shepherd of the Dead. ” Woah. Talk about fucking mind blown. I hadnt met an angel before. To be honest, I hadnt really ever considered them existing. But I guess if demons exist, angels must do, too. “Okay, ” I said slowly. “Azrael. Cool name. Very Hebraic, very angel-sounding. But that doesnt answer my question of why you just killed all of my friends. ” “They are not dead, ” Azrael said. “This is simply a distortion of the world around you. When we are finished, I will return it to its natural state. But, as I said, Emma, this was a warning. A warning you would do well to heed. ” Okay, good to know nobody was actually dead. That took a big load off my mind. But Azrael was really starting to frustrate me with this “warning” bullshit. “You still havent actually told me what the warning is for. You said it was about Karrie, but why? What does she have to do with anything? Its been eleven years, did you only just now realize she was missing from Hell or something? ” “The soul whose life was claimed at your place of work earlier today, ” Azrael said. “That was the work of a powerful and vengeful spirit. I cannot claim to know which one, but I do know that extremely dark magic was called upon to summon it. ” “Do you know by who? ” I asked. ” “Then what fucking use are you? I thought angels were supposed to be all powerful. ” “Watch your words! ” Azrael shouted, eyes flashing as his wings spread wider, and the lights in the room dimmed. A great roaring came from somewhere outside, and I realized that Id accidentally made the angel of death mad. Theres a new sentence. “Okay, okay, shit, dude. Sorry. Im just trying to get information on this thing, okay? ” Azrael seemed to calm down; the roaring stopped, and the lights came back up. “I want to stop it just as much as you. ” “Then you must exorcise the filth, ” Azrael said, again just as simply as he had earlier, like he was telling me he was going to the store and asking me if I wanted anything. “What? ” “Exorcise the filth, ” he repeated. “Rid yourself of the demon that lives within your body. Only then will the spirit be stopped. ” “How can you know that? ” I asked. “You just said you dont know anything about it. ” “A spirit as dark as this can only be summoned by one with intent to kill until satiated, ” Azrael said. “As the angel of death, I receive many such prayers, made in dark hours of hate and crisis, but I am sworn never to act on these prayers. One that I received recently made mention of the filth within you, and how the spirit will kill until it is eradicated. ” Through all of that, I only heard one thing. “You mean someone knows about Karrie? ” “It would seem, ” Azrael confirmed. “And until the filth is rotting back within the pit where it belongs, the spirit will not stop killing. Should you choose to ignore this warning, everyone you know and love will be dead in the coming months, Emma. So I suggest you heed my words. ” And then, before I could even respond, just as quickly as he had appeared, Azrael was gone. And everything was back the way it was: nobody was melted into piles of human goo, the music was blaring, people were partying, and Lee was handing my me drink. “Your wine. ” I shakily accepted it, and his brows furrowed as he noticed. “Something wrong, Emma? ” Then he grinned. “What, you already have too much? ” On the contrary – I hadnt had enough. I looked down at the drink in my hand, and started chugging it. Drink to forget, right? You know, its hard to hear that everyone you know and love is gonna die unless you get rid of your demon best friend, without whom you would no longer be magic, and without magic youd probably get disowned by your coven queen bitch of a mother. Okay, fine, its a unique problem. But its where I was at. But more importantly, my head was spinning with this crazy revelation Azrael had just made to me. Someone apparently knew about Karrie. Id done so well to hide her. Only my mom and dad knew. But somehow, someway, somebody had found out. Fuck…why cant my life just be normal.

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India's car manufacturing industry has surpassed South Korea's to become the world's fifth largest in terms of output so far this year (286 points, 86 comments) 0. Tsomgo Lake - Sikkim, glacial lake in the East Sikkim, India. (246 points, 9 comments) 0. 3773 points, 10 submissions: u/hipporama 0. Petrol stations won't accept cards from Monday to protest bank's transaction fee (584 points, 177 comments) 0. No laws in India to protect customers if they lose money during digital transactions (482 points, 159 comments) 0. Ramdevs Patanjali Fails FSSAI Tests, Fined (450 points, 116 comments) 0. Finance ministry official says political parties are exempted under income tax law to deposit old currency notes in their bank accounts (406 points, 175 comments) 0. I Have Seen More Sexism In Bollywood Than In The Porn Industry, Says Sunny Leone (378 points, 196 comments) 0. Among Political Parties, BJP Has Largest Amount Of Unknown Income (362 points, 109 comments) 0. Amit Shahs co-operative bank at Ahmedabad Ashramam road gets Rs 500 crore deposit, just after notes ban (324 points, 116 comments) 0. India 96th in download speed, behind Nepal, Bangladesh (282 points, 93 comments) 0. Gujarat: Angry cashless people attack banks (259 points, 140 comments) 0. You say clean-up is your concern so why no Lokpal in 2 yrs, SC asks Govt (246 points, 123 comments) 0. 3743 points, 7 submissions: u/HarrySeverusPotter 0. Something that you'll not see on news channels (1592 points, 126 comments) 0. [Shower Thought] I'm convinced most of the teachers who told me Wikipedia is unreliable, now use viral WhatsApp forwards for most of their news sources (445 points, 81 comments) 0. [NP] Anyone like falooda? 409 points, 52 comments) 0. [NP] you know nothing bull. (364 points, 77 comments) 0. Arnab Goswami wants me to speak on that British guys views on India on NewsHour, but that man doesnt deserve any airtime, hence I have denied: Virender Sehwag ( virendersehwag) on Twitter (362 points, 115 comments) 0. When you see it. xpost r/funny] 324 points, 62 comments) 0. [NP] But Why? 247 points, 57 comments) 0. 3124 points, 6 submissions: u/ghatroad 0. Mitron. 1498 points, 121 comments) 0. Marine Drive, Bombay (Mumbai) India, 1930s [NP] 455 points, 100 comments) 0. Indian Men will be Men (335 points, 136 comments) 0. [NP] Indian engineer working in Sweden starter pack X-post r/sweden (306 points, 171 comments) 0. [NP] Meanwhile in TN (288 points, 71 comments) 0. [NP] Vasco da Gama before the Zamorin of Calicut X-post from southindiaart (242 points, 74 comments) 0. 3082 points, 4 submissions: u/sojana 0. Supreme Court historic verdict: Politicians can't use religion, caste, creed or language for votes (1309 points, 307 comments) 0. [NP]When that one homie who supplies dope walks in! 1060 points, 81 comments) 0. India Has Surpassed Mexico To Become The Most Ignorant Nation In The World: Survey (458 points, 235 comments) 0. PMO refuses demonetisation info under RTI - Times of India (255 points, 87 comments) 0. 2901 points, 1 submission: u/yal_sik 0. Modi: From Nov 8 to abolish 500 and 1000 Rupee notes. (2901 points, 1803 comments) 0. 2807 points, 6 submissions: u/AvianSlam 0. @CNNnews18: BREAKING. Veteran actor Om Puri passes away at the age of 66 (1178 points, 200 comments) 0. Andhra CM's mega prize for any Andhra scientist who gets a Nobel: Rs. 100 crore. Naidu's offer is roughly 16 times more than the reward money of the Nobel Prize itself. (416 points, 125 comments) 0. AP FiberNet: Andhra Pradesh launches 15 Mbps broadband Internet at Rs 149 per month, 100 Mbps at Rs 999. (397 points, 309 comments) 0. BJP MP Ananth Kumar Hegde caught on camera beating up doctor at Karnataka hospital. BJP has distanced itself from the MP, saying the party is not accountable for an individuals actions. (289 points, 58 comments) 0. Note ban takes toll on terror; Pak counterfeit presses close, Kashmir violence dips 60% 285 points, 193 comments) 0. Check out Andhra Pradesh State Dashboard, where you can monitor everything from number of streetlights switched on, power generated daily, water levels, rainfall, tax revenue, forest plantation rates, government revenue, and more. (242 points, 33 comments) 0. 2678 points, 7 submissions: u/doc_two_thirty 0. Cow only animal that inhales, exhales oxygen: Rajasthan minister (545 points, 262 comments) 0. The logic works both ways [NP] 428 points, 18 comments) 0. How to party safely in India [NP] 411 points, 57 comments) 0. Cheesy girls [NP] 408 points, 64 comments) 0. 25 out of 33 Patanjali Ads Were False & Misleading: ASCI (360 points, 68 comments) 0. The word "night" in the Indian sub-continent [x-post r/etymologymaps] NP] 290 points, 150 comments) 0. An Excerpt from Chetan Bhagat's latest book [NP] 236 points, 299 comments) 0. 2669 points, 3 submissions: u/MantalBwoy 0. Airtel, please. (1520 points, 153 comments) 0. RIP Indian Media (614 points, 103 comments) 0. Anurag Kashyap on Twitter: If you haven't seen Masaan, better to download it on torrents or watch a pirated Dvd than see it on hot star. It's mutilated on it. (535 points, 192 comments) 0. 2499 points, 5 submissions: u/that_70_show_fan 0. Amazon Prime video is censoring content and the world needs to take notice (1115 points, 272 comments) 0. Just something that happened to my sis. x-post /r/funny] 555 points, 135 comments) 0. Why everyone need to support our police forces demand for 8 hour shifts (293 points, 58 comments) 0. Honda announces that, starting April 2017, all their cars will come with dual SRS airbags as standard (286 points, 77 comments) 0. Censor Board wants 40 cuts in Bollywood film Udta Punjab, which deals with drug abuse in the state - The Board has refused to clear the film if the edits are not made, citing 'excessive swearing, abusive language and drug consumption' shown in it. (250 points, 100 comments) 0. 2491 points, 1 submission: u/iNotRobot 0. Burj Khalifa marks Indias 68th Republic Day with a spectacular LED illumination of our National flag (2491 points, 236 comments) 0. 2394 points, 5 submissions: u/Divtya_Budhlya 0. In light of The Times of India (TOI) implementing Anti-Adblock Features and blocking its readers, here's how many ads they display compared to actual content. (1115 points, 144 comments) 0. Reuters India on Twitter: Indias telecom regulator TRAI says no company to offer/charge discriminatory tariffs for data on basis of content - TV (423 points, 38 comments) 0. Marc Andreessen on Twitter: Anti-colonialism has been economically catastrophic for the Indian people for decades. Why stop now. 322 points, 133 comments) 0. Cops in Mumbai continue to harass couples on the streets for no reason (275 points, 103 comments) 0. TIMES NOW on Twitter. BREAKING Bombay High Court orders only 1 cut in 'Udta Punjab' UdtaPunjabVerdict (259 points, 107 comments) 0. 2362 points, 3 submissions: u/sex_with_a_panda 0. Haha (1287 points, 129 comments) 0. India is dying of thirst, can we please talk about it? 700 points, 291 comments) 0. [Zoke Tym] After Oscars, reporter asks Leonardo DiCaprio about intolerance in India (375 points, 50 comments) 0. 2251 points, 7 submissions: u/john2a 0. Ladakh - Two seasons (392 points, 27 comments) 0. Phoren uncle is always better (366 points, 65 comments) 0. TIL there is a longstanding demand in Northeast India for a separate time zone. NE people have breakfast after minimum four hours of daylight and start of office hours only at middle of the day. (357 points, 86 comments) 0. TIL Kalki Koechlin is the last descendant of the renowned Alsatian Koechlin family which included French industrialists, traders, composers, perfume makers, an aviation pioneer, mayors and a structural designer of the Eiffel Tower. (353 points, 44 comments) 0. TIL 18th and 19th century European visitors at Mahabalipuram reported that locals had seen glinting copper tops of pagodas out at sea. After the 2004 Tsunami, a previously unseen lion statue appeared on Mahabalipuram beach. (280 points, 23 comments) 0. Condition of NH-37 Manipur (253 points, 40 comments) 0. Most technical protest in India ever (250 points, 26 comments) 0. 2230 points, 5 submissions: u/techaddict0099 0. OMG! Times of India makes a fool of itself – TOI Promotes The Hindu in matrimonial ad (993 points, 61 comments) 0. The Real Indian Wedding Pic collection [Sauce FB] 377 points, 172 comments) 0. How India Eats - Veg/Non-Veg State wise% 327 points, 198 comments) 0. Flyover on the balcony, flyover on the room! That's Kolkata for you (294 points, 98 comments) 0. This Guy Promotes Helmet Wearing in better way: He writes on back of his car "My son died in road accident as he was not wearing helmet, so please wear and promote others to wear" 239 points, 10 comments) 0. 2166 points, 7 submissions: u/TemptNotTheBlade 0. Urban Dictionary: MITRON (458 points, 85 comments) 0. Muslims attack on Hindus in three states on Eid-e-Milad (354 points, 210 comments) 0. Cash Withdrawal Limits Likely To Continue Beyond Dec 30, Says SBI Chairman. "If there is no cash, whether restriction or no restriction, I cannot give it” (318 points, 149 comments) 0. Rs 91 lakh worth old notes found in Maharashtra BJP ministers vehicle (268 points, 146 comments) 0. High-tech solar cells power Shivaji statue to light up Mumbai city - major tech breakthrough after Nano Chip in Rs 2, 000 (261 points, 48 comments) 0. Don't hold currency, use it freely; cash crunch will be resolved soon: RBI (255 points, 160 comments) 0. Cash crunch a bitter pill for sugarcane farmers. There is simply no cash in the bank. Every time we complain, the bank manager asks us to approach Modiji, said a farmer (252 points, 206 comments) 0. 2148 points, 6 submissions: u/mycuntry 0. 'If you don't like a book, throw it away' Madras HC's fantastic order on a petition seeking ban on Tamil writer Perumal Murugans controversial book (559 points, 98 comments) 0. With 97% Toilet Coverage, Kerala Is Going For 100% ‘Open Defecation Free Status By November 1 (339 points, 75 comments) 0. US dossier bares Pakistan's role in Pathankot terror attack: The US has handed over evidence, comprising over 1, 000 pages of chats and conversations between Jaish-e-Muhammed handler and Jihadis. (323 points, 101 comments) 0. The Man Who Saw the Future: One of Jawaharlal Nehrus enduring legacies has been the firm civilian control of the military (311 points, 117 comments) 0. Rent-a-riot leaders exposed in UP: Chilling sting operation tapes politicians from across parties agreeing to stage religious violence for Rs 5 lakh (310 points, 82 comments) 0. Apparently, the best story on Dipa Karmakar, the sole Indian gymnast to qualify for Rio, was made by China's CCTV News (306 points, 87 comments) Top Commenters 0. /u/ribiy (6749 points, 653 comments) 0. /u/GoldPisseR (4968 points, 561 comments) 0. /u/charavaka (3898 points, 542 comments) 0. /u/modiusoperandi (3764 points, 315 comments) 0. /u/bhiliyam (3724 points, 766 comments) 0. /u/Not_a_kulcha (3704 points, 142 comments) 0. /u/Kulchamaster16lpm (3697 points, 386 comments) 0. /u/spaceman2121 (3543 points, 256 comments) 0. /u/f42e479dfde22d8c (3366 points, 256 comments) 0. /u/mathurawai (3216 points, 209 comments) 0. /u/ dexter (3131 points, 639 comments) 0. /u/redweddingsareawesom (2904 points, 346 comments) 0. /u/TemptNotTheBlade (2897 points, 475 comments) 0. /u/WhatsTheBigDeal (2895 points, 269 comments) 0. /u/donoteatthatfrog (2887 points, 519 comments) 0. /u/qpaw (2798 points, 167 comments) 0. /u/dagp89 (2696 points, 154 comments) 0. /u/Mycroft-Tarkin (2615 points, 221 comments) 0. /u/ponniyin_selvan (2613 points, 199 comments) 0. /u/ 2_4_8 (2585 points, 190 comments) 0. /u/Randiathrowaway17 (2585 points, 114 comments) 0. /u/bane_4u (2522 points, 237 comments) 0. /u/Anon_id_43576999 (2521 points, 31 comments) 0. /u/kaoticreapz (2495 points, 398 comments) 0. /u/Bernard_Woolley (2436 points, 256 comments) 0. /u/raks1991 (2432 points, 120 comments) 0. /u/kuttappan-peter-mon (2422 points, 40 comments) 0. /u/4ed8c03dd6726ec4tr (2377 points, 101 comments) 0. /u/badbola (2353 points, 90 comments) 0. /u/MyselfWalrus (2329 points, 597 comments) 0. /u/WagwanKenobi (2313 points, 208 comments) 0. /u/AiyyoIyer (2294 points, 104 comments) 0. /u/o_OO_oo_OO_o (2275 points, 295 comments) 0. /u/Chutiyapaconnoisseur (2218 points, 120 comments) 0. /u/darklordind (2197 points, 348 comments) 0. /u/swacchreddit (2171 points, 234 comments) 0. /u/svmk1987 (2144 points, 137 comments) 0. /u/ironypatrol (2104 points, 156 comments) 0. /u/AwkwardIndian (2103 points, 11 comments) 0. /u/Fluttershy_qtest (2102 points, 428 comments) 0. /u/Aimless_Drifter (2087 points, 290 comments) 0. /u/that_70_show_fan (2067 points, 211 comments) 0. /u/thrownwa (1989 points, 101 comments) 0. /u/Preacher_1893 (1965 points, 179 comments) 0. /u/sex_with_a_panda (1961 points, 143 comments) 0. /u/Earthborn92 (1904 points, 240 comments) 0. /u/cool_boyy (1877 points, 82 comments) 0. /u/ThisBirdDoesntFly (1856 points, 331 comments) 0. /u/Roy_Mustang2 (1825 points, 401 comments) 0. /u/Abzone7n (1823 points, 104 comments) 0. /u/Abhi_714 (1744 points, 141 comments) 0. /u/StackOfChips25 (1728 points, 130 comments) 0. /u/phelpme2 (1699 points, 145 comments) 0. /u/The-Mitr (1689 points, 278 comments) 0. /u/shamittomar (1686 points, 98 comments) 0. /u/hobabaObama (1680 points, 112 comments) 0. /u/Screwdriver_wala (1679 points, 187 comments) 0. /u/shadowbannedguy1 (1670 points, 159 comments) 0. /u/bitchslaper (1669 points, 73 comments) 0. /u/1975edbyreddit (1666 points, 137 comments) 0. /u/wanderingmind (1662 points, 237 comments) 0. /u/gcs8 (1661 points, 560 comments) 0. /u/awkward_pause (1640 points, 124 comments) 0. /u/coolirisme (1635 points, 189 comments) 0. /u/Randiathrowaway1 (1627 points, 293 comments) 0. /u/dickpenguin (1574 points, 83 comments) 0. /u/thisisshantzz (1567 points, 289 comments) 0. /u/zebumatters (1550 points, 126 comments) 0. /u/Paranoid_ Android (1534 points, 148 comments) 0. /u/rahulthewall (1527 points, 113 comments) 0. /u/tr_24 (1523 points, 130 comments) 0. /u/pramodc84 (1520 points, 89 comments) 0. /u/UghWhyDude (1516 points, 87 comments) 0. /u/sleepless_indian (1505 points, 218 comments) 0. /u/kash_if (1505 points, 159 comments) 0. /u/Indianopolice (1500 points, 117 comments) 0. /u/willyslittlewonka (1485 points, 117 comments) 0. /u/Froogler (1484 points, 161 comments) 0. /u/lallulal (1474 points, 98 comments) 0. /u/phone_throw12 (1471 points, 111 comments) 0. /u/crimegogo (1456 points, 218 comments) 0. /u/roflmaoist (1452 points, 84 comments) 0. /u/spikyraccoon (1451 points, 132 comments) 0. /u/thegodofbigthings (1448 points, 146 comments) 0. /u/ls_ltr (1435 points, 69 comments) 0. /u/serialposter (1420 points, 120 comments) 0. /u/ppatra (1410 points, 107 comments) 0. /u/MrJekyll (1379 points, 174 comments) 0. /u/ymmajjet (1378 points, 133 comments) 0. /u/sammyedwards (1363 points, 230 comments) 0. /u/nordic34 (1342 points, 32 comments) 0. /u/house_of_kunt (1339 points, 90 comments) 0. /u/powerofreason (1305 points, 134 comments) 0. /u/bad_joke_maker (1300 points, 67 comments) 0. /u/doc_two_thirty (1294 points, 145 comments) 0. /u/lungi_bro (1279 points, 70 comments) 0. /u/Spiron123 (1277 points, 143 comments) 0. /u/batatavada (1266 points, 76 comments) 0. /u/dhakkarnia (1257 points, 64 comments) 0. /u/elusgrv (1252 points, 184 comments) Top Submissions 0. 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Watch movie mitr: my friend free. Mitr, which is all about alienation an average woman starts feeling when her daughter and lifemate starts blaming her to be orthodox and a nag; and hardly find time to understand her. It also depicts how one forgets to live her own life for relations and a very positive ending marks states that still we can believe in relations.
It's a film which is so much refreshing for all those who got a heart to empathise and understand problems of others.
The same hands that point out the mistakes being commited doesn't go without touching the deeper core of our soul.
cinematography of the film by fowzia is unbelievably merged with the narration and fellings dealt.
Also the music score by bhavatharini needs special mention which simply complements the visualisation and moods.
If films like this are never being appreciated when can india come out of melooodramas and "got all the crap in this" type of films.
Director Revathy and her crew which consists only woman deserves cheers. but why this gender division? for ads?
never miss this movie.

Watch Movie Mitr: My friend friend. Watch Movie Mitr: myfriends. Watch movie mitr: my friend movie. Mitr has a pretty good concept, interesting story, and a dynamic performance by Shobana who illuminates the screen whenever she is there which, luckily, is most of the movie. Nasir Abdullah, who plays her husband is OK but everyone else in the film seemed like they got their acting chops from Grade D late night cable TV. The daughter, friends, neighbors. everyone else. gave stilted performances as if they were reading their lines. Fortunately, the daughter's performance got better towards the end of the film but the director should have elicited better performances from everyone unless that was their best and the casting crew would have to take the blame for not finding better actors. I would have preferred the over-acting of a lot of Hindi actors than some of the drivel and inane delivery that permeated this film.
Despite my misgivings of Mitr, I will still give it a 6 because of Shobana's performance and look forward to seeing her in other projects of better quality. Watching Shobana in action is worth enduring the cringe factor that occurs when watching the other actors.

Watch Movie Mitr: My friendly. Watch Movie Mitr: My friends. Watch movie mitr: my friend song. It's day 162 And this is part two Clinton Executive Services Clinton Executive Services Well if I had Clinton Executive Services And I wanted to hire SES- I wanted to bring SES into this country, to kind of infiltrate, create a kind of a cadre of people that would only be beholden to me sort of like what Hillary did with the super delegates at the DNC, Or for the DNC the Democratic Party itself I would go through Google What better color-of-law would there be, or color of legitimacy would there be? I would go through Google We talked a lot about the Highland Forum yesterday is that kind of a bridge between Silicon Valley, and Washington DC and the swamp We talked about also Aspen Consulting Group doing that Well Clinton Executive Services just happens to be ( or it was) it's in the news today the Washington Examiner saying that "we don't want to get drug into the Hillary email scandal" Well if you are actually using Clinton Executive Services to bring in people through the color-of-law, through Google, through it EB-5s, through Google, through Eric Schmidt, through Amy Rao from- Internet Archive solutions or whatever (the Internet Archive solutions I think it's what it's called) That's the cover? Bringing in Arun Rao as a- prosecutor in in Maryland or Rao Abbas of whatever as a person IT person in in Washington DC or all the other folks, then it's a part of it it's part of pay-to-play It's a part of the discussion You're not getting drug in, you are a part of it, you're in the Central Park So Clinton Executive Services is gonna be a partner Everybody says well where the heck is Clinton Executive Services? Well it's where I interviewed Charles Ortell 111 8th Avenue 111 8th Avenue I'm not making this up- check it yourself 111 8th Avenue: Clinton Executive Services What else is at Clinton 111 8th Avenue? Well I think if you remember the interview I had with Charles Ortel, he said we're looking straight at the Google building It's straight at the Google building So none of this is being hidden- it's right out there in the open I mean the funnel is Google through one one one- I think there's also some stuff with Joe Crowley in Jackson Heights with Imran, with the Jackson Heights Pro Forma resume But if you go back, I think Tina Flournoy, Tina Flournoy- I think was (she spells it knowing NOY N O Y at the end) And I think Clinton Executive Services had an any NEY N E Y But there was an email I think way back when in in the Clinton email DNC email about Tina Flournoy about Clinton Executive Services you can go back and look at that They were talking about backup servers and moving the server out of Chappaqua moving it over to Secaucus New Jersey And that's where Platte River networks I think had servers. 911: correct} So this is all gonna tie back into Bryan Pagliano and and all the corn betta (LOL) COMBETTA who both got immunity Combetta was the guy who was the one who wanted to learn how to bleach bit on the he was in a chat room learning how to bleach bit in in Colorado And Pagliano is the guy was in contempt, when Jason Chaffetz said hey you got to come and Testify And testify Now, what I would say is Nunes should go right back and hold him in contempt And then issue- and I guess what? happened yesterday was Sessions sent a letter saying you're not limited the prosecutors second prosecutors not limited just to public employees This shows why you can do past employees But it shows the Pagliano and Combetta is exactly why we need to have a real special prosecutor So that you can bring everybody back in that all thumb their nose at the Congress, because it's gonna go back to 111 8th Avenue where I interviewed Charles Ortel [at] the Google building And this is the key- this is the basket of deplorables It's also used for internet archive solutions is doing the deplorable system- that speech that Hillary made That basket of deplorable speech was made on September the 9th CNN covered it It was Michael Hayden, James Clapper, and also Chertoff of DHS And they were they were gonna have the hammer- they're gonna take all those hammer conversations from Larry Klayman, all those disk drives, and they were gonna hammer all those people that were on their nasty list And the winners list is something that Hillary has done for 20 years And the hate list is something that she's done for 20 years, probably longer, probably longer So Clinton Executive Services- you're in the news today: congratulations And also I want to say that Google could be used also here as a cover, DIA Defense Intelligence Agency's in charge of covers So if I want to bring somebody in as a journalist, but I really want to bring them in as a spy, to get a whole bunch of OPM names or whatever I create a cover So I say oh you're a programmer with Google Or you're a journalist with Fusion GPS Or you're you're a journalist with New York Times you're a journalist with You're dottie well we're gonna put you in over at see CNN Money And you're gonna be working for us for a cover That's DIA just, so we just remind everybody DCO which is the Defense Cover Organization- the defence cover office And then if you go down there look there they have a cover officer it's called a CS So this is the question now, white hat black hat Toni Toni Shaffer and Mike Flynn- I think they're white hats But- are they white hats are they black hats we don't know yet But are they Q? Or is Mike Flynn's son Q? And are they actually- Toni, Toni Shafer did this chain of command series And there's the Q coffee cup and all that sort of thing Are they trying to in a subtle way bring the DIA back under the auspices of the president, rather than the auspices of SES? Everything was riding along fine when I was under the auspices of Hillary Clinton If she to one she'd had that- basket of deplorables' staffs She would have had Chertoffm she would have had Hayden, and she would have had Clapper But now, since Hillary didn't win and now, we have Trump as president Now we have this cognitive dissonance: should people at DIA do what the president wants him to do? Or should it's very cold here sorry or should they do what the SES super-delegates Hillary's SES super-delegates want them to do? Google super-delegates? Well is Q a way of gradually- helping people in the infrastructure of our Government to kind of come back Now, when Hope Hicks's boyfriend was putting out tweets with Q, I was finding a lot of value in it Then he got thrown out And then Hope Hicks got thrown out And then it kind of turned into I don't want to say Steve Pieczenik exactly But a Pieczenik like signature, like fake Like "Trust Sessions" which I didn't I- soon as I heard that I was PSSHT: GONE, Done with Q. 911: SAME. I didn't realize there was two Q's and Now, recently the third Q looks like kind of a comeback, kind of a Tony Schaffer signature, kind of reminding people of this of these earlier Q1 So Q3 Tony Shafer Flynn kind of signature reminds me of the Q1 We'll keep on that because it there's a lot of stuff that Q wrote that I find it's gonna be effective of Those the Keystone he made a lot of comments about Keystone which is the symbol of SES And we really do have this kind of- this is the conflict right Now, in our country is this SES group I think it's going to be DIA, and I think it's DIA cover services, specifically, that did these covers for the Awan' in and on the country, through Google And other companies not just Google Facebook other other organizations as well as the Congress Versus the Constitution, the chain of command: the president and etc So we'll see what happens.

Watch movie mitr: my friend youtube. Manliness: as a 24 year old half Asian male weighing in at 120 lbs, struggling to grow facial hair, how can I become more manly like yourself? Turn off your computer and go out of doors. Dig a large enough hole to transplant a mature apple tree. Nurture the tree, feed it, coddle it so that its fruit will be ample, bright and firm. Practice open-hand strikes against the rough bark of the trunk until it's time to harvest. Choose the champion of your apple crop, pluck it from the tree, and beat yourself about the face and tits with it until your mettle will suffice. What's your favorite wood? Morning. Also Megan's pref. Hello Nick. I'm a freshman currently attending UIUC. What was your time like here? What were some memorable experiences? Any suggestions for cool stuff to do on campus? Thanks so much, you're absolutely hysterical. Please visit sometime! Champaign-Urbana, Illinois made a bong-chorking man out of me. You can't beat a great college town as a wellspring of knowledge and culture. Something cool to do on campus? Eat a couple of mushroom caps, then prime yourself with a viewing of The Wild Bunch. Walk to the quad whilst trucking to the early funk of The Meters. Pleasure yourself in the middle of the quad with as much gusto as you can manage, and when they come to arrest you, only to find that you're jerking off onto a Michigan State jersey, they will fall onto the lush lawn with guffaws and then throw you a parade. True story. Also - visit Japan House, there lies the opportunity for a truly beautiful supplication. Hi Mr. Offerman, if you could punch one person in the world with no consequences who would it be and why? I suppose it would be that dirty, mangy dog that named me "Sue. Morning Mr. Offerman! We all know Ron Swanson has only cried twice in his life. Is there anything that makes you cry? I cry with regularity, and I don't mind a bit. I cried last night during rehearsal for this beautiful play Annapurna, by Sharr White, that Megan and I are doing in LA. I consistently cried at the curt but heartfelt life advice dispensed by Coach Eric Taylor. I cried when Ashton Kutcher came back to television. For all of us. For shame. Have you ever considered playing Teddy Roosevelt in a biopic about his life? I look forward to playing #26 with a relish that can only be described as fervent. The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt and The River of Doubt are fantastic reads about his exploits, and Theodore Rex is good, but more of the known quantity. You can bet your San Juan Hill that in my portrayal of Teddy, I will wrestle and defeat a Crizzly Bear. Hey! If you could impart one piece of knowledge to the wayward generation of Reddit, what would it be? One Knowledge Piece: Wealth is more amply measured in hugs than dollars. I love and appreciate your (seemingly) minimalist approach to the things in life that make you happy (bacon, booze, wife, wood, not necessarily in that order. How do you keep your focus on these important necessities in the face of a busy and changing world? Avoid channels. Limit choices. Keep a clean water pipe. Sausage links or patties? Please send them. What would be a more foul torture? Eating soy bacon Assembling ikea furniture Drinking non alcoholic beer I try to eschew violence, so please don't send me such images. You seem to like Scotch, Lagavulin and Balvenie if I remember from last time. Is your enjoyment real or just for persona reasons? I mean no disrespect, I'm just the mod of /r/scotch and we use your photo at the top of the page. My scotch appreciation is solid and true. The older I become, the more single malts, particularly the Islay varieties, warm my gullet. Had I more time, I would gladly be all up in your r/scotch. Or, be sitting in Scotland, sipping a dram. I highly recommend Laphroaig 10 yo if you're into Islay whiskies Mr. Offerman. I have enjoyed that whiskey severally. If you directed Rocky 7, who would you have Rocky fight? I imagine he'd be in a pretty good scrap with his colon by this point. I'd love to see him take on Dr. Phil, as well, and have Dr. Phil be inexplicably formidable, but then of course, ultimately lose to Mr. Balboa. Do you stay-in/switch-to character when approached in public by fans, or do you prefer to talk to people as simply "Nick. Do you ever get in line for something that is taking forever (coffee, post office, DMV, etc. and decide, You know, this is absurd. I'm about to Ron Swanson this mother out" and just lay down the law? 1) I don't like to ever play Ron when I'm not at work, even over the phone in a radio interview. Ron is not my individual property, I make him together with Mike Schur and our show, so I don't like to whip him out at the lumber yard. 2) I don't like to wait in lines. If there's a long line for coffee, I slap myself in the face and find it just as awakening as an Americano. No one ever needs to go to the DMV. Would you keep a bear as a pet? I have a large Crizzly bear named Ben who is my friend. This majestic, ursine mammal is the king of the forest, and my heart, but will never be any man's pet. He's a fucking bear. In Parks and Rec, you describe "bacon-wrapped shrimp" as your "number 1 favorite food wrapped around your number 3 favorite food. What is your number 2 favorite food? The Puss. Nick, what made you do another AMA? Be honest. I enjoy it greatly, and I was hoping to clear the air about some of the items from the Rampart AMA. We're really enjoying your AMA, Nick, but let's get back to Rampart. Sorry, guys, but I consider my time valuable. Morning, Mr. What's the best way to win a lady's heart? Sincerity, Good Manners, Dependability. Give the clitoris your attention, but don't remain on it all night. Work the perimeter before driving to the basket. What is the most surreal thing that has happened to you as a result of your fame? Visiting a place like The Pabst theater in Milwaukee, and receiving platters of bratwurst before taking the stage to unleash a slab of American Ham upon the people. At The Midland in Kansas City, there were 3 platters of bbq waiting for me. That this glory would be part of my job has me typing through tears of delicious ardor. What would be the one piece of advice you'd give to the entirety of both genders if they were guaranteed to hear it? To clear up a lot of early embarrassment: A blowjob doesn't actually involve the expression of any air onto the intended hog. Hey Nick! I heard from my teacher (Liz) that you two dated during college and she also said that for your audition to play Ron Swanson you sang a song while peeing into a cup, and then drank your own piss. Is this true? If so... 1) what was the song? 2) what did your pee taste like? 3) What inspired you to do this to play the part of Ron Swanson? I have drunk the urine I've drunk. Would you ever consider being in a reality-esk woodworking, regularly airing television series? A "this old house" type thing but with your woodworking projects? I did a show 10 or 11 years ago for Courteney Cox and David Arquette, called "Mix it Up" on the WE channel. I was the Ty Pennington of the show, the wisecracking carpenter. The only difference was that Ty never actually did any work because Trading Spaces had a budget, which means they had 6 unseen stalwarts building armoires out in the yard, freeing up Ty to be cute as shit. On our show, we lacked the, so I was hauling way too much ass trying to get furniture built and crown moulding mitred and hung in 3 days per episode, being filmed all the while. Hanging chair rail in an Elvis Presley costume while someone behind a camera is telling you to be funnier turned out to be not super fun. I learned that I should make things if I wanted to, and I show do a who if I wanted to, but I shouldn't try to do a show and make things at the same time. Short version: I like to make things of a quality that takes me a longer time than a tv show schedule could allow. (pfart. You seem to reflect Ron closely, but what is something about you that is completely different? Also, what is something about you that surprises people? I enjoy breakdancing, which Ron could most likely not comprehend. Ron would take my Rapper's Delight and Grandmaster Flash cassettes and use them to prop up the leg of a wonky table at the diner. People are surprised by the panoply of aromas I can weave into a room's atmosphere with my pooter clouds. Wow, thank you for the exquisite description. I'll use this to describe the time I convinced my fiancee a sewer line burst when I actually just let one go. Also, I'm getting married in May, any advice? Give more than take whenever you can. Happy wife, Happy life. Well, Reddit is going to crash. My question: Want to come to my wedding? May 25, in Jersey. Thank you, but I will be performing "humor" at The Sasquatch Music Fest upon that day in Quincy, Washington. I wish you the very best of luck with your nuptials. Nick, After the success of your first AMA, is there anything you feel that you did not get the chance to discuss last time that you would like to let everyone know? much love. I'm not sure that the fact that I bear a healthy rancor towards Jerry Gergich was perfectly elucidated. You're stranded on a desert island. What three items do you bring? Sharp knife One dozen hogs Small seaplane. Will you be directing more episodes of Parks and Rec in the future? I loved Correspondents' Lunch! It is my fondest wish to have my fingers in as much pudding as possible at my dreamy job, but we don't yet know the plan for next year. I hope to write more, also, and thanks for the compliment. Hi Nick. I saw you at UCLA for American Ham and I just wanted to tell you how much I loved it. The songs were hilarious and I was delightfully surprised by all the male nudity. What's it like having a super talented, funny, hot wife that shares all your interests? The men of Reddit want to know. Having a wife that shares all of one's interests would be abhorrent. She is talented, funny and hot, and then some, but I think a relationship also needs divergent forces to remain healthy and well-rounded. Megan finds woodworking boring, but she can appreciate it in me, and I can't comprehend her acumen for interior design, but I'm mighty thank ful she has it, because she makes our home look like a work of art. Mr. Offerman, I would like to say that I love your character on Parks and Recreation. I have been compared to his likeness on more than one occasion and from more than one person. As the owner of the mightiest mustache in all the lands, will you please judge my attempt at growing facial hair. Link to Also, how did you get into woodworking? Your facial hair is ample. Stop comparing yourself to others, and become your own bewhiskered King. I could read your solicitation for a free moustache comb better if I was sniffing a hundred-dollar bill. If you have one you're not using, I would be more than glad to relieve you of it. I got into woodworking by combining years of carpentry experience with a the devout study of Fine Woodworking magazine. What was it like when you had to kiss Rob Lowe? I'm not going to lie. He made me pop. Literally? How hilarious are the ladies you shoot with? Right? Do you really make hobbit pipes? Or was that just part of your stand up? We are developing that item for sale. I have made one sweet one for myself in oak, and we're investigating how to produce in a greater quantity. Please continue to inquire at. What's your favorite season? Paprika. Thanks so much for coming back to Reddit! If you had the chance to guest star on another tv series, what shows would be the top of your list? Grizzly Adams The Dukes of Hazzard Little House on the Prairie Barney Miller Downton Abbey Breaking Bad Enlightened Krollshow. How did you start making canoes? Read the comprehensive book CanoeCraft by Ted Moores. Went to visit he and Joan at Bear Mountain Boats. It is all you need and much more. Wood planer/thickness or a jointer? I can only afford one right now, which would be more useful? I'm of the opinion that it's easier to joint a board edge by hand than it is to handplane a board to thickness, so I'd get a planer. It is widely believed that you may have been flying high during your last AMA. Care to shed some light on this? Can I get a light, please? As an enthusiast of barbecued meats. Do you have a favorite? How do you like it prepared? My favorite of all is steak, ribs, pork loin, lamb chops, bratwurst, cheeseburgers. I like them prepared on the grill. Sir, I've noticed you regularly sport a full beard. I (and my brethren on /r/beards) would be ecstatic to learn if you have any tips to maintaining such potent and effective facial hair? Consume oxygen. Eat Food. Drink water and scotch. Also, for reals, keep it washed well, or your whiskers will wick oils to your dermis and your blemishes will be mighty bursting and suppurating volcanoes. Clean beard = Plentiful kisses. Do you prefer your bacon crispy or not crispy? Flaccid. CHICAGO CUBS. What do you think about this year, sir? This is our year. What could go wrong? You sir are a gentleman and a scholar. If you could be a combination of 2 animals, what animals would you choose and why? Thanks for doing this and I look forward to seeing yourself and Alison Brie on film! Labra-doodle (can lick own balls) Cricket (Largest testicles by proportion) How was hanging out with the crew from theChive? Good clean fun. Those guys are a chuckle. How do you like your toast? Baked. I can't think of any good questions, but I've been following Somebody Up There Likes Me for months now and can't wait to finally see it. You're awesome, Nick. You are generous, itsstevedave, and I would gift you a handmade kayak had I the time. Somebody Up There Likes Me is full of hilarious and beautiful talent and also i appear in the film. My wife Megan Mullally steals the picture with 3 short scenes. If she doesn't make you titter and toot, then please resume watching CBS television programming. How long until we get a spin-off show: You're On with Ron. Forever minutes? I have heard you are a huge LOTR fan, which of the 3 movies/books is your favorite and why. I don't think I could pick, as I sit here asking myself. I think of it as all one story. Treebeard is my dream babysitter. Describe in two words your thoughts on the NYC Soda-ban being overturned. In America, we are free. We are fat and free.

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I'm here with two random interviewees again, Oh wait a minute I've seen you two before anyway Task Force and we're gonna call it's Deep Milwaukee are here So they can verify everything I'm saying And I'll have to keep track of it we'll get you Federal bridge certificate payments later So we'll get somebody get in here and do a PKI and we'll we'll get you paid, but it will have no footprint /s But a lot of folks- want me to comment about the really I I'm still not quite sure if it was satire with Doug and Jason But if it was satire it was brilliant because they really brought out all the key points along the way in the investigation that really show what citizen journalism can do in getting involved And where citizen journalism can actually push forward mainstream media or at least kind of like other alternative media The first one they said the hard drives- that I pried the hard drives was was a fun- angle I liked that it was good But what it really did is reminded me that up until that time the Imran's house that that location in Lorton the Hawkshead house was not a part of the indictment: the Sprayer house was And by finding those drives there, and by having Taggart publicly admit that there was a FBI there, and that was his house, and Imran and Hina were involved- that's added Hina to the indictment That's what expanded the indictment And that also expanded the counts as well- the charge because, when we added conspiracy So now, we were talking about a a spy ringin Congress instead of one person with one bank fraud charge for 167, 000 dollars Now, if I didn't give Jason enough credit on finding the high-speed router, I want to I later talked about Rao the external little heater that he kept changing the filters every month So I want to say that I still think- I agree with Jason that Sprayer is the key to the case So Laurel Everly another interviewer with her Tiffany and Brittney Freitag other interviews of them another interview with The other Freitag's low light cameras GSA all that's still in play Jaquaya The whole how she got from Tennessee and Dearborn Michigan and being trucked all that I agree with Jason 100% And I think he should do those videos those interviews Those are fantastic ideas I agree: Sprayer is the key, so I want to agree to that Early on in the video I talked about Andrew McCabe, and I had this working theory that everyone wasn't quite sure of But then Task Force came to DC, and she added the fact that- oh by the way- there was a guy named Andrew McCabe that bought a house just down the street from Hillary Clinton Now, no one- I had never heard anybody in the mainstream media ever mentioned that And that changes the whole perspective And then a guy named Burgess was bought out- cashed Andy out of that house after Hillary was- running for Senate That had not been said anywhere, along the way Same thing for the Saipov truckers I don't know if you remember him, but the guy who took the truck, and was a truck assassin in Chelsea That was gonna be weird truck assassin in Chelsea Well Task Force was the one- if you think about it- that immediately put out all of his trucking companies I think it was about what 3 in the morning something like that three or four in the morning We put those out there and they had hundreds of retweets by 6:00 at 7:00 a. m. CNN had to cover Bright Auto was in Cleveland They had to cover Safe Auto in Cincinnati They had to cover the Rahm Emanuel one that was up on Bussy road in in Mount Prospect, Illinois They had to cover his trucking company and his partner down in Tampa When they did the presidential briefing they had to say "Mr. Trump these are all the relatives of Mr. Saipov" They couldn't just present one person to Trump, which meant that they had to present all 19 that got EB-5 visas And we were pushing the concept of EB-5 That's when Trump got the idea of chain migration and lottery Up until then it was DACA versus no DACA after that it was DACA with no chain migration and no lottery That changed I believe that changed public policy by Task Force coming up with that. 911: Wow. Great job Task Force. And the same thing happened with the car ring- yeah- the same thing happened with the car ring, and being able to have a professional come in and drill down on the car theft I took a lot of criticism when it about- the fact that they couldn't use cars as a transport vehicle for weapons going one way and drugs in the in the other Later three-part series by Politico came out and found out exactly that's exactly what happened Malts, Derek Malts with DEA was in New York, and Alpha Jalloh was taking cars down to Washington DC, and they were going to West Africa, as well as onto the Middle East So that was another big one as well So those are just a couple of examples I- following all those examples through also yields great results For instance, Taggart working at Fort Belvoir Belvoir led to an informant talking about DLA How DLA had the food and drug situation How the food and drug tied in with supplying all the different VA hospitals All this stuff that we are now, learning that drew that are causing these DEA licenses at these different veterans facilities Task Force again, was the one who showed the Chinese guy who was shot the three women, who were administrators at the California Veterans Home had a DEA license That still hasn't been covered, but still that's a huge piece of information So if I'm a DIA agent or an ABC agent or an XYZ agent I really don't think it matters What matters is putting stuff out to the alternative media And then alternative meter repeats it and the mainstream media then picks it up They had to! Go just google Saipov and you'll see all the stuff that Task Force did So I think that's the key here is is taking it to the logical drill-down Same thing happened with SES We started with SES and I want to applaud Doug's work here He got it down to the core 500 We disagreed on what the core 500 was We saw that there was three levels of SES FBI DEA Then came in DIA And then came in everybody else Where we were now, down to the individual profiles with Task Force again, we're down to the individual profiles looking at all the people, and they have DEA licenses So we I mean consider the full flight of the arrow here on what we're actually doing We're actually going person to person to person, saying it appears these people are pushed ahead in their careers ten years, pushed ahead in their compensation 15 years, right? Is that in a trade for something? Is that in a trade is that a moral hazard, that they trade, that they have helicopters coming into Bowling Air Force Base They have planes coming in C147 coming into Andrews Air Force Base? Is that what's happening I don't know But if you want to bring whistleblowers out you have to be specific They can come over to you at the if the Capitol and say, you're on the right track" Just like those two police officers did in the Bronx for me saying "hey- what that Alpha Jalloh stuff you're on the right track" So that's what I want to say here is it it doesn't happen overnight it does take work But- you're over the target when you really start getting a lot of accusations And really I think quite good satire if it was satire excellent job.

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Watch movie mitr: my friendship. A short backstory: So my step daughter suffers from severe depression, and anxiety to the point that in the past has discussed hurting has been diagnosed as bipolar, severe depressive disorder. She recently moved to NC from cali. and has been off her meds for some time. I over herd her talking to her mother last night about how hopeless she is feeling ( she has not found employment, not made any friends and doesnt know anyone her own age) and this is scaring her mother and can't get her to a psychiatrist untill the 25th of the month. So I decided to do my best and explain to her what kratom has done for me and asked if she would be interested in trying agreed and is coming over today to chill and watch a movie or main question is at what dose should we start her with? She is a little skeptical and I want her to get the full effects. She has 0 tolerance to kratom or any opiates, in the past was a social weed smoker maybe 2 or 3 times a month, and did express some interest when I mentioned the slight euphoria. I have decided to crack open the safe and give her some of the GHK from this latest what I call "super batch" from motark which I have put back for special occasions. she is 26yo, 5"9, 135 how much should I start her out with? I was thinking 3gms to try and give it the full euphoric effect. thanks suggestions about maybe mixing with another strain or poientators that may be laying around the house would be greatly appreciated. I also have some gmd, green bali, green malay, rmd, red bali from precious mitre I haven't sampled all those but quality is there from what i have tried. borneo, red horn, and "red vein" from motark most know the quality there. and white thai from mmm still kicking my own ass for that one. lol.

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